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From Liberhan to Rutherford: The Baburaization of Indian secular polity and society

திசெம்பர் 8, 2009

From Liberhan to Rutherford: The Baburaization of Indian secular polity and society

Just after M. M. S. Liberhan, Alex Ruterford[1] has come with his book “EMPIRE OF THE MOGHUL — Raiders from the North”! As its price is Rs. 450/-, ordinary Indian cannot buy and read to know its implication forced on Indians at a particular time and place. I am one of such poor Indians and I have been provoked to see its review in “The Hindu” today[2] by one Ziya Us Salam.

Babar, Baburi and Babri Masjid: Indians have been thus taught about the nuances of these words and remember the slavery life and to continue mentally by imposing such stuff through the media then and there. Rutherford introduces Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur as hold wine parties and writing memories all the way! The reviewer Ziya Us Salam tells us, “the author’s fine comb not leaving many strands unexplored…….. Rutherford is selective, and prefers subtleties when candour would have been better. But that is the way he writes; very little spade-for-spade talk here. Euphemism is his durable companion. But he retains the essence as he seeks to give an account of Babur’s life, not so much as a political figure, but as a man whose interests went beyond the usual”.


Babar and his women: From Mahmud Gaznavi to Lodhis and thereafter, the Mohammedans of all sorts – moors, Mongols, mughals turks, turukshas or with whatever name, they were called they had eye on Indian women and their atrocities cannot be described. However, the modern writers mystify, suppress and secularisze. Thus, we could note that the reviewer goes on, “Rutherford gives us durable insights into Babur’s life; the important role that women played in his life……..”, but stops. When Gazni and others have the notorious ways of eliminating Hindus from Central Asia – at Kafiristan, Brahmanabad, Hindukush etc., the mughals had harem and sham marriages to rape Indian / Hindu women. Babar had many wives – more than a dozen[3], concubines – mote than few dozens uncluding Circassan slaves gifted by Shah Tahmasp. However, I do not know as to whether Rutherford mentioned it or the reviewer has not reviewed it.

Jodha Akbar, Love-Jihad, Baburization: Whenever, the Mohammedan atrocities, heinous crimes and evil acts are revealed, the propaganda of whitewashing their crimes and negationism start with all means. Last year, because of Jihadi-attacks and Islamic bombings, many Indians were killed and massacred brutally without any reason. But as they reportedly do in the name of Babur, the Indians have to remember it carefully. Even twodays back, they had been assertive about the “Babri-day celebrations” in different parts of India. Actually, the Indians and Hindus in particular are harassed and humiliated at public places – bus-stands and railway stations and temples, while the real jihadis walks away with smile on their lips, planting the bombs! Thus, Jodha Akbar was released to romantize and romanticize Hindu-Muslim relationship! This year, we have already enjoyed as to how the “Love-jihad” started working, immediately, after the attack of pubs by Promodh Muthalik! Now, before and after Liberhan and the terrorized dates 26-11-2009 and 05-12-2009, we have been made to read and listen to such stuff. Now this book is reviewed and Rahul says a muslim can become a PM! And all these things are secularization or baburization?

Homosexuality exhibited-Babar’s love with Baburi!: Unwittingly, the reviewer points out, “That Babur was fascinated by Baburi, a handsome young man who rose to heights because of the relationship, is well documented. But Rutherford merely skims the surface, his sieve coming in handy for him. Of course, he allows himself to say, “Though the loss of Baburi had felt like the death of part of himself, that had been a personal loss”. This is also nit a new thing, as they have such pattern. Allauddin Khilji had such romantic relation with Malikaaffur making him a scourge to rout and loot Hindus. In Omar Khayyam poetics, we note such romanticism of having sex with young, beautiful boy, who later turning into a terrorist i.e, a scourge! The same modus operandi is played and repeated even today.

Babar and Baburi: Babur’s romanticism even after death!: Interestingly, my google search exposes this following stuff, but from the same book. Here, Salim Kidwai reviews as follows[4]: “The omission of Babur’s description of the first time he felt the stirrings of love is staggering. Babur says he became completely besotted by a street boy called Baburi. He would lose his speech in his presence and he wandered around like a mad-man, reciting love poetry. Why would a novelist omit  rather than capitalise on this? Obviously because Baburi was also male. Clearly, the author understands the significance of his omission, because he elevates Baburi into the second most important character. In the tale, when Babur first set eyes on this broad shouldered, thin-waisted lad with indigo eyes, Baburi did menial work in the royal kitchen. Soon, he joined Babur’s army and became his closest confidante. They went riding, hunting and whoring together. They talked late into the night under the stars. Baburi ended up as his second-in-command at the Battle of Panipat. Baburi lifts Babur’s spirits when he is depressed, brings him back to earth when his ambitions take flight. He shows signs of jealousy when Babur talks about his wife. He himself refuses to marry. They argue and they brawl. Baburi disappears after one such spat. They are reconciled years later after he returns from a stint in the Ottoman army and introduces Babur to gunpowder, something that was crucial to Babur’s subsequent success. Babur had recognised Baburi’s corpse from a ring that he gave Baburi; Babur had felt a part of him die then. In fact, Babur is buried next to Baburi”.

The myth of Babur dying for Humayn!: The historians have been clever enough to whitewash the heinous crimes and devilish psyche of the so-called mughal / mongol emperors. Both Babar and Humayun had harems spending time drinking and enjoying human. Of course, they had armies with cannons and thus feeding them accordingly and therefore, they were satisfied equally. Thus, Humayun got some mysterious incurable disease, which could be AIDS also to say in modern understanding, as medieval “great-pox”!. That Babur prayed to Allah to transfer the disease to him also proved to be myth, as his death on 26-12-1530 at the age of 48 was already disputed! But historians point out that Babus was alive, when Humayun was slightly recovered and died six months later because, Ibrahim Lodhi’s mother poisoned him! Obviously, Babur would have taken all the women to harem and naturally, one of the women would have taken revenge or the mysterious disease would have made him to die!

The blood of Timur and Chengizkhan: Babur means “Tiger” and his descendency is traced to Timur from father side and Chngezkhan from mother side and thus, Lanepoole said, “The blood of the two great scourges (warriors) of Asia Mongol and Turk, Changez and Timur, mixed in his veins”! Thus, the heinous crimes of the descendants could be analyzed eaisly. And these are placed today to Indians as symbols and the reconstruction of Babar or Baburi Masjid is demanded ever year. In fact, “Baburi masjid” exposes the homosexuality and infatuation sex of Babur and his descendents and it would not be any pride for Mohammedans, Muslims or secular Indians.



[1] Alex Rutherford; Hachette India, 612/614 (6th Floor), Time Tower, M.G.Road, Sector 28, Gurgaon-122001. Rs. 495.


[3] A. S. Beverage, Babar Nama, pp.711-712.


A Hindu Swami killed while celebrating “Janmasthami” festival in Secular India!

செப்ரெம்பர் 2, 2008

Recent incidences of Orissa have provoked me a lot in the Indian secular context. The killing of a Hindu monk has been totally forgotten by all and the world, as one to believe, is so worried about the killing of christians, rapping of nuns, Christians running to forests and so on. The Pope condemned, the Italian government summoned Indian ambassador, Secular Indian PM, being a Sikh declaring that the incidences are “national shame” etc., followed. Today news is coming that Agnivesh entered Orissa and started issuing statements. So I start with the following post that is appearing in other blogs also: e.g,

A Hindu Swami killed while celebrating “Janmasthami” festival in Secular India!

The Christians meddling in Orissa, killings and communal issues


Late news of killing an old man by the unknown killers: Now, it is evident that the Christians have started indulging in terrorist activities in Orissa, after inciting the otherwise peaceful, innocent and calm Oriya people. Throughout India, Hindus were celebrating “Janmasthami” – the birth day festival of Lord Krishna. The old-man, Swami Lakshmanananda was also doing that unaware of the fact that he would be killed soon. The Christians have been bend upon this man ever since he started campaigning against their activities. The John Dayal’s tirade against Swami Lamanananda has been open and glaring[1].

The conflicting reports about killing of the Swami: The news of killing of Swami Lakshmanananda and four disciples, including a woman by the unknown people – has been reported differently by various leading and local papers.

The Swasmi was reportedly killed a group of armed at his Jalespata ashram in Kandhamal district of Odisha on Augurst 19th, 2008 (Saturday) in a grenade attack, shot dead and so on. Read the reports: “The Hindu” reports like this:

Orissa police on alert after ashram attack

Prafulla Das

BHUBANESWAR: The police all over Orissa have been put on alert after Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Swami Lakshmanananda and four disciples, including a woman, were killed in an attack by armed men at Jalespata in the communally sensitive Kandhamal district on Saturday (19-08-2008).

Maoists suspected

The assailants opened fire and hurled bombs at his ashram at 8.30 p.m., Director-General of Police Gopal Chandra Nanda told The Hindu over telephone. “We suspect that the assailants could be Maoists,” he said.

The Superintendent of Police and district officials reached the spot.

Mr. Nanda said several senior police officials were asked to go to the district to prevent any untoward incident. The SPs in all 30 districts were put on alert.

Police sources said police were deployed near churches and prayer houses in the district.

On Friday, a threatening letter was received at the ashram and the Tumidibanda police station was informed.

Last year, Kandhamal district witnessed large-scale violence involving Hindus and Christians on Christmas-eve, following an attack on Swami Lakshmanananda.

Another report of “Kalinga Times” from Bubaneswar has been as follows:

Swami Lakshmanananda, four others killed

Kalinga Times Correspondent
Bhubaneswar, Aug 23: Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Swami Lakshmanananda Sarawaswti and four others were killed when a group of armed men attacked his Jalespata ashram in Kandhamal district of Odisha on Saturday night.

A letter with a threat to eliminate the Swami was received at the ashram at Jalespata under Tumudibanda Block of the tribal-dominated backward district on Friday.

The attack took place around 9 pm and all the five persons died on the spot, according to VHP sources. The victims included a woman Sanyasin.

While confirming the attack, police sources said the attackers used automatic weapons and bombs. They were suspected to be Maoists, source added.

While the police and administration officials had reached the spot, senior officials from other districts had rushed to the region to take control over the situation.

Additional police forces were being mobilised for deployment in different parts of Kandhamal that has a sizeable number of Christian population.

Superintendents of Police in other districts of the state also been alerted, according to the police.

The district had experienced communal violence in December last year. Several persons were killed and hundred hundreds of houses were burnt during the violence that continued for several days.

The communal violence had started following an attack on the Swami a day before Christmas.

The “Odisha Today” reports as follows giving more details:

Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, 4 others killed in grenade attack in Orissa

By our Correspondent Last updated: 08/24/2008 13:22:25

Bhubaneswar ( Orissa) : In a sensational incident Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four of his close aids have been killed in a grenade attack by the suspected Maoists at around 9 PM at Jalaspotta Ashram, in Tumudi Bandh area in the tribal dominated district of Kandhamal in Southern Orissa on Saturday night.
According to the sources the suspected Maoist have hurled grenade on the Ashram resulting killing of five persons including Ashram chief, Swami Laxmananand Saraswati.
The other victims include two inmates of the ashram and all the victims have dead at the spot.
RSS has decided to block all NH running through the Orissa as mark of protest over the killing on Saturday night, sources said.
Meanwhile RDC Southern range Satyabrta Sahu, DIG Southern range, RP Kothe have rushed to the spot as the tension flare up in the district following this incident.
Additional security forces 12 CRPF platoon have also been moved to the spot to prevent any unpleasant incident in the district.
According to the sources in the police administration, the Orissa DG Gopal Nanda directly monitoring the whole situation.
Meanwhile in yet another significant development highly placed sources in the VHP says that VHP and other saffon outfits have called a emergency meeting at undisclosed place to decide future action over this issue.
VHP and other saffron partied have called a dawn to dush Bandh on Monday protesting the brutal killing of Swami Laxamananda Saraswati.
It may be noted here that the tribal dominated Southern district of Orissa has been under serious tension since Hindu and Christians clashed each other on December 25, 2007 in Phulbani district.
Since then, Central Para Military Forces have been camping at Kandhamal. Orissa Government has constituted a judicial commission under Justice Basudev Panigrahi to probe the December communal clash.
In protest against the attack on saint and illegal beef trading, members of RSS, Viswa Hindu Parishad and Bharatiya Janata Party led by Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati blocked the roads and demanding action against the accused.
Swami demanded a high level probe into illegal beef trading in Kandhamal. VHP has also called Kandhamal bandh on Wednesday over this issue.

The Economic Times” reports that they were “shot dead” during the “Janmasthami” celebrations (Sri Krishna Jayanthi).

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader, four others shot dead
24 Aug, 2008, 0107 hrs IST, IANS

BHUBANESWAR: At least five people, including a top leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), were sho

t dead in an ashram in Orissa’s Kandhamal district by an armed group during Janmashtami festival celebrations on Saturday, the police said.

Over 20 armed people attacked at the ashram at Jalespata village, some 340 km from here, at about 8 p.m. and started firing.

“Five persons were killed. They include Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati,” Gopal Chandra Nanda, state director general of police, told IANS.

The dead include Swami Amrutananda, a woman and a boy, he said.

The police could not confirm whether the attackers were Maoist guerrillas.

Saraswati was a senior VHP leader.

The police have clamped orders prohibiting the gathering of four or more people in the entire district.

After hearing the news of the killings, thousands of people blocked roads in several places of the state.

The media has sensationalized and internationalized the Kandhmal issue: The media has definitely internationalized the issue[2], of course, the Christian romanticism in such activities have been more noticeable. Hundreds of news coverage in western media and more blogs appeared condemning the “Hindu communal forces”. The NDTV recorded as follows:

“A team from the National Minority Commission will visit riot torn Kandhamal district of Orissa on Monday, where night curfew continues. Curfew has been lifted from district headquarter town of Phulbani, but night curfew will continue in three other towns. This after a week of violence gripped the district when violence broke out between Hindu’s and Christians but the web of violence is not that simple.The Congress has also demanded an all-party meeting on Kandhmal communal violence.

“While the rest of the world was celebrating Christmas, the tribal dominated Kandhmal district in Orissa was literally burning. It was a mysterious mix of communal and ethnic passions that pushed the district into complete lawlessness for over a week. Old and simmering antagonism that existed between the Hindus and Christians and between Kandh tribals and Dalit Panos for years in this district were ignited at the same time and that made the situation get out of control.

“What and who was responsible for the eruption of violence that affected the entire population, across the religious and ethnic divide? With tension still continuing in the disturbed district, a dispassionate study of the circumstances is simply not possible. NDTV takes a look at what lies at the root of the hatred that has set Hindus against Christians and Panos against the tribals.

“The politics of hate: On December 24, the structure set up to hold Christmas celebrations in Brahamanigaon was attacked and destroyed. The provocation was nothing more than the pandal encroaching the main road of the town. That was enough to start an ugly argument, which ended in the Hindus attacking the pandal and injuring two Christians. After that, a rumour that prominent VHP leader Swami Laxmananand Saraswati had been attacked by a Christian mob at Dasingibadi set off a wildfire of violence across Kandhamal. “How can they attack a revered saint who has been working for the people for last 33 years? You think they want peace,” asks GS Rath, Secretary, Vishwa Hindu Parishad. At the same time, trouble was brewing also between the Kandha tribals and their old adversaries, the Dalit Panos. This mutual hatred had been simmering for the past 20 years with seven kandhs and 9 Dalits killed in clashes in 1994. The kandhs called a bandh on December 25 and 26, to protest the scheduled tribe/caste status acquired by the Dalits recently But many suspect the Kandhs were set up by the Sangh Parivaar, to add to the confusion during the attack on the Christians. But the tribal leaders themselves say it was entirely a coincidence. Lambodar Kanhar, Secretary, Kui Samaj, Kandhmal said, “We had a meeting on the November 29 and decided on the dates. It was just a coincidence and once we decided we went ahead with it.”

“Clash of the castes: The Kandh tribals, predominantly pro-Hindu or Hindus, account for an overwhelming 51 per cent of the population. And nearly 70 per cent of the Dalit Panos who constitute 18 per cent of the population are Christians. That partly explains why the ethnic conflict here sometimes also assumes religious overtones If a Dalit becomes a Christian he loses all privileges and concessions available to the Scheduled Castes but if a tribal becomes a Christian he retains all the privileges available to the Scheduled Tribes. This was at the root of the conflicts – both religious and social. Christian organisations have been pushing for scheduled caste benefits for the Dalits, irrespective of their religious status, the Kandh tribals and the Sangh Parivaar are fighting the idea. What adds to the animosity is the Sangh Parivar’s allegation that Christian missionaries have used allurements and incentives to convert the mostly poor and backward population. Even the BJP, a partner in the ruling alliance feels there should be stricter provisions against conversions. Suresh Pujari, President, BJP, Orissa said, “The core issue is forced conversion by way of allurements or coercion. We need to enact a law that would be so strict that nobody would ever dare to convert people by alluring them.”

“But Christian leaders say the conversion issue has been drummed up just to hound them. “If conversions are only a pretext for anti-minority violence, why are Muslims and Sikhs also targeted even though they don’t convert people? It’s a mindset that looks for pretexts to attack minorities,” said John Dayal, Secretary General, All India Christian Committee. But the fact is, the VHP has been aggressively tackling the Christian conversions here for some time now. In the late 60s, VHP leader Swami Laxmananand Saraswati set up an Ashram in Chakapad and they have been running an anti-Christian campaign in Kandhamal since then. Their sole aim is to re-convert tribals and Dalit Christians. In May 2005, they organised the largest Hindu congregation in Orissa to celebrate the reconversion of nearly 350 tribal Christians. The Swami is very clear about what the real trouble in Orissa is. “The fight is on because we want to them (people) to become Hindus and they want them to join Christianity and convert the land into a Christian land,” said Swami Laxmananand , VHP Leader & Hindu Missionary. Adding to the smouldering situation are election campaigns every few years that feed on and fuel the religious hate campaigns. Christians say religious intolerance has seeped into the bureaucratic and judicial system as well and it is that which explains the administration’s indifference to the anti-Christian violence in Kandhmal.. Christian leaders are also worried about the reaction of their own community to the religious intolerance. They see a rise in Christian militancy in some areas, especially in Bamunigaon where an armed Christian mob retaliated ferociously to the attack on December 25, turning on the local Hindus and attacking the police with firearms. While the state government does not seem to recognise the new threat and blames the Maoists for the armed attack on Hindus in Bamunigaon, the rise of Christian militancy in Kandhmal is indeed a reality and could have serious consequences, both on the minority community and the socio-religious conflicts in future.”

The Police already suspected “NGO-Naxal-Christian nexus”: The police now think it’s a NGO-Naxal-Christian nexus. Wow, that’s really the kind of work Orissa police can be really proud of. In 1999, Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two minor sons were burnt alive for allegedly converting tribals. The Christian propaganda in fuelling the communal hatred is noted by their International reporting and spreading distorted news. Assist News Service could be cited as one example[3]. Ironically, they do not record their overenthusiastic or violation of human rights, religious freedom of others – Hindus etc. They do not record or analyse their provocative actions, utterances and blaspheming Hindu religion, scriptures and Gods / Goddesses. Under the guise of “Liberation Theology”, they have understanding with the “naxals” and others and thus, operating accordingly colluding with them. The GFA has been indulging in such activities[4]. They simply carry out the propaganda that the Christians are attacked in Orissa, persecuted, martyred and so on. They do not bother when a “dalit” woman refused to convert to Christianity was attacked by the christians[5], though they talk about woman-rights, human-rights and what not!

Swami Laxmananda ‘stokes passion’ in Kandhamal”! Of late, particularly, the Swami has become target. Their propagandist journals blared like this[6], “Hindu World Council organizer Swami Laxmananda ‘stokes passion’ in Kandhamal”! So this old-man was strengthening passion, fuelling passion, stirring up anger strong feelings, encouraging rage, adding fuel to fire. Thus, the Christians cannot keep quite or tolerate his nonsense and they have to raise and teach him a lesson. The article contributed by James Varghese & Gospel for Asia, is worth to read to understand their psyche, as giving a photo of the Swamiji, they discussed the issue.

The Christians should stop conversion and dividing Indian society: The study of Christian missionaries and their activities in India at all levels clearly prove that they have only religious arrogance in their conversion activities. They have assumed theological mandate ingrained since childhood or at seminaries afterwards or allured by money and material benefits after growing up and thus, they have been indulging in such unholy activities. Though, they talk in terms of “Vatican Coucil – II” language that they respect “divine” in every religion and so on, their psyche would not change in Orissa or elsewhere also.

Graham Staines and Swami Lamanananda: Here also note the coincidence – “Christ” loving souls are involved (though right now legally not so) in such killing of an old-man while he was celebrating the birth day of “Krishna”. Historically, the “Christ” was derived from “Krishna” as pointed out by many theologians, historians and others[7]. But still, they reverse the history and try to fool Hindus. If they really want peace, why not they celebrate “Janmasthami” with Hindus instead of promoting hatred and indulging in killing a Swamiji? Would they think that this has been revenged for Graham Staines? Or you want more blood? Perhaps, now they can settle the issues and come for dialogue, as more killings would not solve the issues.

The Christians should thus be honest in their activities even in “dialogues”. As usual, I quite the following:

“If believers of Gods abuse Gods, seekers of Gods destroy Gods, faithful followers of one religion question the faith of others and, against all moral and ethical codes and Universal principles, conduct pseudo-spiritual and psychological-religious warfare against one religion, then these activities are not “inculturation” but “outculturation”, as religion and culture are inseparable for Hindus.

Theocentric and theocratic eclectics are dangerous as nuclear, chemical and other warheads. The concept of “My God is your God, but your Gods is No God” does not foster understanding, co-operation and goodwill. The concept should be changed to “Your God is my God and my God is your God” and accepted by all religions.

This is the only way for humanity today. Super God Rivalry, religious superiority, racial / arrogant theology, theocratic world domination and neo-spiritual globalism cannot make “believers” live in peaceful existence. Therefore, the behaviour, attitude and psyche of the inter-religious theologists should change making “dialogue” a “dialogue” but not a secret “monologue” to undermine, disparage and denigrate other Gods, scriptures and religions. Historical facts, established parallels after borrowals and chronological developments and changes should be mentioned clearly. They should clearly spell out their purpose of dialogue and standards before initiating dialogues.”



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