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The Christian interference, intrusion and invasion of Kapaleswarar Temple, Myalapore, Chennai, India!

மே 5, 2010

The Christian interference, intrusion and invasion of Kapalkeswarar Temple, Myalapore, Chennai, India

The Catholics / Portuguese destroyed the original Kapaleswarar Temple standing near the seashore, where now, the so-called Santhome Church is there.

Slowly, they started building Church by removing sculptures, inscriptions etc., as has been recorded by themselves and others. As their activities grew, the Hindus also removed the Idol and other important sculptures to the present place away from the Christian bastian and constructed their Temple.

But, the Christian menace is refused to die down, and hence, they started fraudulent “thomas fables” manufactured from early 1970s.

Now, again they have started their mischief under different banners. On 04-05-2010, at Rajaratnam Stadium they held some demonstration. Ironically, the (ir)responsible Indian Express published wrong news, obviously planting such frauds to get authenticity. Of course, though, truth is known, Deivanayagam like fake-researchers are bound to quote such nonsense in their documents and of course, the Catholic church would accept without any shame or remorse.



So why again, they want to interfere, intrude and invade?

The New Indian Express highlighted, “Film director Seeman addressing the protesters during a hunger strike at Kapeleswarar Temple at Mylapore in the city on Sunday” and went on to report that, “Members of the Federation of All Self-Respecting Tamils observed a fast inside the temple demanding right to worship inside the temple in Mylapore. Federation President Mu Theuvanayagam said the fast was to one condemn section, which has hijacked the rights of the Tamils to perform puja inside the sanctum sanctorum. He demanded that the State government appoint unbiased interlocutors to resolve the issue and ensure the rights to perform puja inside the garbagraha as in Kasi Viswanathar temple “. Thus, it has been full of lies, as the meeting was held five kilomentres away from the temple! It is unfortunate that NIE (obviously, the Christian reporter) has decided to manufacture such fake-news and plant in the paper.

When the Catholic faith has been shaken with the sexy violations, church in shambles with pedophiles raping girls and torturing boys all over the world, …………why they target one Hindu Temple in Myalopre in India?

Perhaps, good Christians should advice them not to do so.