Paul to Liberhan: How the Commission Reports work for corrupted Indian polity – II

Paul to Liberhan: How the Commission Reports work for corrupted Indian polity – II


Karunanidhi remembers “26/11” consciously!: As the issue has been legal, I had been very cautious to reflect the Paul Commission report of just past on the current Liberhan Commission report[2]. However, Karunanidhi has helped me[3] proving that I was correct, as he too remember the significance “26/11”, just like me! As Karunanidhi points out when Paul Commission report was made to leak, of course, he himself had privilehge of getting a copy mysteriously and handing over to the media persons on 24-11-1981!

What a coincidence!: Really, I should thank the Indian politicians, the Islamic terrorists, the media-terrorists etc., to make us remember 26/11, 5/12 etc., very often!

Liberhan Report – 2009 Paul Report – 1981
1. Manmohan Singh liberhan submits his Commission report to Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram. Manmohan Singh goes to America.


2. On 24-11-2009, the report leaks out and the newspaper says thart it obtans details from the “home ministry sources”.

3. As 26-11-2009 approaches, it is evident that the release or submission of the report is made to coincide with the date.

4. The report is about the “disputed structure” i.e, the so-called mosque built on a Hindu temple.

5. Those who were in BJP alliance – particularly, Karunanidhi [Chidambaram was about to join BJP, but some sane BJP elements stopped it] accuse BJP now for the happenings.

6. The doors of Congress is open to Jaswant Singh and others! And Kalyan Singh may join!

1. C. J. R. Paul submits his report to MGR government and goes to America.


2. On 24-11-1981, the opposition leader Karunanidhi obtains a copy of the report and reveals to the media persons.

3. Ironically, 26-11-1989 is the date on which the cold blooded murder takes place in Tiruchendur for which the Commission is constituted!

4. The report is about the murder of a Hindu Religious & Endowment Officer in the temple premises and also disappearance of a “diamond studded lance”.

5. The AIADMK minister R. M. Veerappan, whom Karunanidhi accused for the disappearance of a “diamond studded lance” is now his friend.

6. The person punished for the leakage of the report – Shanmuganathan has been secretary to Karunanidhi now!

Dead men tell no tales: Not only that our Manmohan Singh Liberhan too helps me, as he accuses dead man! It is said usually, “dead man tells no tales!”, but how living man could tell tales? The secular Indians have a list of dead men who have directly and indirectly involved in the pulling down of “the disputed structure”. The dead men include Mahathma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad, Indira Piriyadarshini Nehru Gandhi[4], Rajiv Roberto Gandhi, P. V. Narasimha Rao, and living men like Narayan Dutt Tiwari, etc. Moreover, there have been crores / millions of Hindus, who definitely got relief when the so-called “disputed structure” was pulled down!

Has Liberhan been instructed to use BJP terminology to nail down BJP? It appears Hon’ble Manmohan Singh Liberhan has used profusely to finish off BJP using its terminology. Lal Krishna Advani used to address “pseudo-secularists” and our Liberhan has adopted “pseudo-moderates”. Those who appear for Civil Services examinations need not get confused with this type of ideological gimmicks, as now the secular Indans could note how the judiciary itself has been “secularozed: in the sense “politicized” to deliver judgments according to the directions of the political masters, who appoint them as “judges”.

“Managing Director is responsible for the misdeeds of a company”!: Recently, somebody of BJP said that it (BJP) was not a Public Limited Company or something like that! Yes, Arun Shourie! Now, liberhan says the same thing! “The Hindu” reports[5] that “Speaking to this correspondent from his Chandigarh home, Justice Liberhan said the Commission issued notice to the BJP and many of its leaders were examined as witnesses. He said, “Nobody can dispute that Mr. Vajpayee is a tall leader in that party, which is a legal entity. Just like a Managing Director is responsible for the misdeeds of a company, a leader is equally responsible for the misdeeds of a party.” Yes, then the Indians should have asked the Indian judiciary, Courts, Supreme court etc, as to why MDs have not been held responsible, prosecuted for the evasion of duties and taxes, smuggling and other white collar crimes? Of course, there have been few cases, but 98% of MDs, the real perpetrators have been scot-free!

  • For the mysterious death of Nagarwala the MD of Congress has not been held responsible!
  • For the brutal and cruel killings of Sikhs, the Congress MD has not been booked!
  • For the multi-crore frauds, economic offences etc., the Congress MD has not been prosecuted!

Coming to the issue in the context,

Ê    Rajiv Gandhi has not been indicted, though he allowed the “Silanyas”!

Ê    N. D. Tiwari was left out, though he planned for a “Ramayana Theme Park”! Perhaps, he is living!

Ê    P. V. Narasimha Rao was forgotten altogether, though Liberhan could remember the old man Gulzari Lal Nanda? Perhaps selective legal or judicial amnesia [with due courtesy to Jayalalitha].

Ê    Why not Viswanath Pratap Singh, who exclaimed, “Arre bhai, wahan masjid hai hi kahan?‘ (Brother, is there a masjid there?).

How then legality becomes illegality and vice versa? The poor Indians have to suffer for their ignorance, as for that also, they are punishable, because “ignorance of law is no excuse”!

V.P. Singh  how people forgotten him?: I just quote[6]: “To break the deadlock, an important meeting was arranged at the Express Towers in Bombay. The participants in the meeting included Shri R.N. Goenka, Chairman, Indian Express, Shri Bhaurao Deoras, and Prof. Rajendra Singh from RSS, Shri Nanaji Deshmukh, Shri Prabhash Joshi, journalist, and Shri S. Gurumurthy who was a close advisor of late Shri R.N. Goenka. It was in that meeting, that Shri V.P. Singh said: Are Bhai, Masjid hai Kahan? Yeh to abhi mandir hai (Where is the mosque in Ayodhya; it is already a temple). Pooja is going on. It is so dilapidated that if you give a push, it will fall. Why does one have to demolish it? This was the meeting to which Shri Arun Shourie referred in an article which was published in October 1990”. Why then Liberhan missed him? How his judicial mind could treat two dead men differently?

Judiciary, judges……..”politicized” and “ideologized: After all, it is well known fact that the “judges” are appointed as per the political affiliation, influence and close connections. Whether it is legal or illegal, Indians can note how they have been appointed as per the directions of the “coalition partners”. In fact, the quota of appointments goes in that way of “judicial reservation”. Of course, there have been caste and religion based reservation is also there, which K. Veeramani could only explain. Thus, they have Congress Advocates’ association, BSP Lawyers’ Association and so on.

Was Gulzari part of Ram Temple plan?[7]: Was former Prime Minister Gulzari Lal Nanda a part of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) plan to construct a Ram temple at Ayodhya?  According to the findings of the Justice MS Liberhan Commission that probed the demolition of the “disputed structure”  at Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, though Nanda died on January 15, 1998, at the age of 99. Justice Liberhan, in the sixth chapter of his 1,029-page report, has referred to the late leader. In the chapter Mobilisation of Karsevaks, there is a surprise mention about the Congress leader on page 336. “Prof Rajinder Singh, RSS leader, Dau Dayal Khanna, Gulzari Lal Nanda, the die-hard[8] Hindus, in connivance with people with similar thoughts, started conceiving and exploiting the local dispute at a national level,………Maybe for their selfish political needs or for advancing their old theory of Hindu Rashtra”, says the report.

RSS does not know about the activities of Nanda, but Liberhan knows!: Nanda, a prominent Congress leader, was a minister in the cabinets of the first three prime ministers — Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi and he became the acting PM twice, in 1964 and 1966 for a fortnight each, after the deaths of Nehru and Shastri, respectively. He quit politics in 1971 and turned to social service. The RSS is surprised at the reference. “The world knows Nanda was a well-known Congress leader. He may have been a part of the Ram Janambhoomi movement in 1949, but we are not aware of his activities after that,” said RSS leader, Ram Madhav. Madhav said though Nanda was alive during the temple movement era in the 1980s and ’90s, the organisation was not aware “of the leader’s feelings, since he was not in contact.” The family of Nanda’s Ahmedabad-based daughter, Dr Pushpaben Naik, refused to comment on the controversy.

Is this a legal report or assumed “psychic” report? Definitely there have been millions all over the world not only in India that is Bharath want the temple to be built there at Ayodhya and there is no doubt about it. There have been much more psychological and moral supporters for such temple building activity, but as he took 17 years to kill the issue politically or resurrect through his timing, none can kill the hidden determination of the people. in fact, it is the wish of many good Muslim friends who want to solve and settle the issue, though they may not come out openly.

Mammohan Singh Liberhan has been biased, prejudiced and preconceived: Justice M. S. Liberhan has been totally biased, prejudiced and preconceived, as could be noted from his way of responding to the media after the leaking out and official release of his report. In his report, he has been totally biased in dealing with the building up of his case, particularly in treating the dead and living men. His terminology used in the report has been completely biased , way of dealing with evidences – personal investigation, interview, questioning of the involved have been selective and conclusions are forcefully pre-determined. He has chosen selectively leaving out many important players in the Ramjanmabhumi issue. Not only the mentioned BJP leaders, but the whole Congress leaders are also more responsible for the episode. This type of politically motivated reports would majke ordinary people think that Indian judiciary cannot be relied upon. And such a condition is not at all healthy for the democratic polity.



[1] I have noticed many instances that freelancer, bloggers, columnists and others simply lifting paragraphs, or translating or presenting my ideas as their own without even acknowledging the source or mentioning the source. Anyway, it is also legal or illegal issue, as one perceives!


[2] Vedaprakash, Paul to Liberhan: How the Commission Reports work for corrupted Indian polity,

[3] See his response to Jayalalitha, where while defending his colleague Chidambaram, he has recalled the Paul Commission report etc., meticulously mentioning the dates!

[4] That is how legally, her name is mentioned in the Court judgments and therefore, I am mentioning like that!



[7] Nagendar Sharma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, November 29, 2009, Was Gulzari part of Ram Temple plan?:

First Published: 00:54 IST(29/11/2009); Last Updated: 01:03 IST(29/11/2009)

[8] Perhaps, he watches Hollywood movies regularly, Diehard – I to IV etc? Thanks to Bruce Willis!


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